Sunday, April 23, 2006

Turn on, tune in, and go local

We all know that profit and greed (whether for wealth or power) is driving government and policy in America today. What we don't know is why it is so ingrained or how to change it.

The place to begin is facing the reality of peak oil and the high cost of living it will create. The only way out is to "turn on, tune in, and drop out" of the global economy and return to a local/regional based economy. Not only will that deal a mortal blow to global corporations and the governments they control, but it will return sovereignty to the people to control their own destiny.

It is imperative that people begin working at the local level to ensure they will have food, clothing, heat, and electricity, and to make sure that local government is under local, democratic control, so that it can muster the community's human, natural, and financial resources for its own needs and resist the pressure of the federal government to do anything stupid.

This means getting involved with local politics and elections and running people for city council. For the truly ambitious, add in finding people to run for state and federal office. Ultimately tho, the federal government is making itself less and less relevant as a representative democracy and needs to be drowned in the bathtub while the little people go about the business of taking back their sovereignty and getting off the global treadmill that leads to death and destruct.

This is one time when doing for yourself and your family and community is what is needed instead of looking for some knight in shining armor to set the world right. Resistence to corporatocracy is NOT futile.

For references see:
The Renaissance of Cooperative Democracy and

The Twilight of Capitalism