Sunday, April 16, 2006

Don't bomb Iran

From True Majority:

Thank you for signing the petition urging Democrats to get some
backbone against the President's Iran threats.

It's important to get this word out to as many people as
possible; Democratic leaders should see a groundswell of
grassroots messages urging them to stand up against an Iran
attack NOW, before it's too late. Please forward this on to
others who don't want to see recent history repeated:

Dear Friend,

I'm sending this because I think you're probably as alarmed as I
am about these news reports that the administration is willing
to seriously consider bombing Iran -- possibly with nuclear
weapons -- while once again cranking up the fear machine. I
signed on to this TrueMajority petition insisting that this
time, the Democrats speak out now, before the public is
stampeded into another Middle East mistake.

See what you think:
Don't bomb Iran petition.