Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Worker's Rights

From over at Steve Gilliard's blog is a discussion about immigration. In the comments is this gem:
The way to protect working people (native-born, naturalized and undocumented) is to protect working people!

We protect existing jobs by eliminating the incentive to hire cheap replacement labor. We eliminate that incentive by making sure that every worker has the same rights. If undocumented workers have the same protections as all other workers, they will not have to accept slave wages, and will, therefore, be less attractive as replacements for native born and naturalized labor. -roxtar

Bingo! there is the Democratic Response to all of this in a nutshell... logical and persuasive... plus it goes back to fundamental Democratic Principles. Throw in an increase in employer fines for hiring undocumented workers and we have a good response to the jongoist Republicans. -amuseinc

I really think this is an excellent way to go.