Friday, November 10, 2006

Thoughts on the election

Watched on c-span some folks talking about what will happen with fiscal policy now that the Democrats have won back a majority in both houses of the federal legislature. The two congressional staff panelists of the three are career professional civil servants. I was deeply impressed by their committment to public service.

Having been a candidate for the state legislature, I have a much better understanding about the matters they were talking about, even tho they were talking about federal policy.

Since I did not win I am still in the trenches of ordinary citizenship subject to the whims of everything that flies around in our society from fiscal policy to television advertising to being disgusted at the poison in our food that puts people's health at enormous risk for cancer and other disorders as a result of bad public policy.

The incestuous marriage between the merchants and the government has led to a kind of hemophilia in the sense that the lifeblood of laborers' earnings gushes out of their wallets with no way of stanching the flow.

All of this is just a backdrop for something that occurred to me about our society and how it has provided the conditions for radical conservatism. It began in the 60s with student activism and the Civil Rights Movement. Out of this came the foolish notion of moral relativism and the ditching of social norms which led the way for Reagan and his pogram against social conscience and public responsibility by whetting greedy appetites and utter selfishness.

At one time there was "what's in it for me." Then it became "me first." Now, it is "all for me and none for you."

For all the analysis about why the Dems won and the Republican coalition of libertarian/anarchists, neo-cons, and theo-cons is dissolving, what I see is that people are simply fed up with being treated like they don't matter. Why else would the middle-class, moderates, and especially the Latinos vote for the bread and butter issue Democrats in the middle of a Constitutional crisis during an illegal war brought to you by.....

the Republicans.

While it can be argued that the War on Terra is because of 9/11, I personally have doubts 9/11 would ever have happened if American imperialists had managed to keep it in their pants instead of desiring to spread their seed on people more interested in their own self-determination. Thus, it is a lie that America has any interest in spreading "democracy" anywhere. America's imperialists are interested in only two things, wealth and domination. Neither of these is conducive to democracy, not even in America.

And so I return to the issue of the incestuous marriage of merchants and government that create policies that care nothing for the people and in fact do everything in their power to reduce people to mindless consumers. Apparently, people do not like being treated that way and in fact expect the government to follow the rules the rest of us live by and to do their duty to serve the public interest.

Before I forget, the way to reduce radicalism, especially the so-called "conservative movement," is to re-establish actual norms in society which all people uphold and live by. This particularly includes financial stability and security, and less speed in the cycling of new products to market. Extremely few of the products are in fact new or better, and are often worse, than previous or existing models. The speed of commerce and the insatiable appetite it has for profit is the root of what is making our society unstable. Think about it.