Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sex and abortion

Get this. It is NOT ok to kill the unborn but it IS ok to kill the already born even if only a few hours old.

How does that work?

What I also don't get is how people who say they are about having a "culture of life" can justify not doing what is needed to ensure that the already living have a right to work, make a decent wage, get health care, have a financially secure retirement, and have a clean, unpolluted environment. There is no "right to profit" and the rights of the already born are what are guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence and in the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

As for those being against all abortions no matter what need to be made to review all cases of abortion and the reasons for having them, including cases with severe genetic or developmental defects, severe risk to the woman, and the utter lack of education about sex, pregnancy, and relationships.

And just so people know, there is no major support whatsoever for using abortion as a method of birth control. That is why we have contraceptives. But the greater issue I see is that the men folk are not made to be as responsible for an unintended pregnancy as the women folk. Sexually responsible men are one of the rarest creatures on earth but it is the women who are made to pay for men sowing their wild oats. I say we need to bring back shotgun weddings so men can't just skip out when he knocks the girl up.

And while some women have high sexual desire, they are far, far outnumbered by men who seem to think of little else when in the company of women, otherwise, there wouldn't be so many jokes about the ending of the man's sex life upon marriage.