Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorism, Joker Style

Has it occurred to anyone else that the latest terrorist threat from toiletries--which are being confiscated at airports--is reminiscent of the Joker's fatal rictus potion in the 1989 Batman movie?

I still remember the scenes with the newscasters looking more and more groady as time went on because no one knew what combination of deodorants, hairspray, toothpaste, cologne, mouthwash, etc., created the fatal rictus potion so they stopped using them all.

In listening to Anderson Cooper just a few minutes ago--my dad always has CNN on--I was struck by how much this latest terrorist threat seems like it came straight out of the Joker's playbook in Batman. Even Cooper's description sounded just like the newscasters in the movie.

I really gotta wonder if this isn't just a sick joke being played on people as the situation in the Middle East melts down and the Republican reptiles need something to bolster them up after Ned Lamont beat No-mentum Loserman.