Friday, May 26, 2006

Mrs. Mrr

I laid Mrs. Mrr to rest today after a valiant battle with cancer. It was found far too late to do anything about it. All I could do was make her as comfortable as possible for her remaining weeks. I will definitely miss her. She was a quite character even for a cat. And quirky tho she was, she was truly a people person.

She filled the house with her presence despite being so small from malnourishment, privation, frostbite, a possible car accident, and maybe abuse in her early life. She was already about 2 years old when she came to me in 2004 and she actually grew a little under our care and feeding.

She knew she had found a good home and was very happy here. She even learned to play again. A good and loving home is my gift to her. Her presence was her gift to me. She was the queen of the house. She ruled the roost. I will truly miss her but I know she rests in peace as a graceful and gentle presence in the fabric of life.