Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I LIKE life

There are some bits of music and certain songs that make life truly sweet and existence worth the price of admission.

There is also a Disney TV movie where a doll is mistakenly brought to life instead of the dead mom but ends up teaching everyone the importance of enjoying life rather than treating it like some drudgery in hell.

There is no chance that anyone can live a pain-free existence. There is no such thing as happiness without knowing sadness. It takes one to know the other. The deal is to not get so caught up in all the hurt and suffering that even simple joys are neglected or forgotten. Or to avoid emotional pain at all costs or chase an elusive happiness with such a vengeance that evil is created.

As others have said, it is not how long we live that matters, but what we do with it while we have it. I have never understood why anyone would want to actually make life miserable for anyone or seek their own happiness at the expense of another's.

Music is the language of life. It is a treasure that can never be horded. It's very expression is an act of sharing. And it is sharing and touching the hearts of others that makes life a joy.