Monday, May 01, 2006

Saving the fetus and killing the child

Ok, so South Dakota has outlawed abortions and made it a crime to provide a safe, medical procedure.

So, life is safe for the fetus. But is life safe once it is born? Will those who feel that life is so precious that no fetus should go unborn also work to make the life it is born into worth living? Will the mother and the father, if he isn't gone, be loving parents who can provide for the child's needs? Will the child have enough food to eat, a decent and secure place to live, an education that teaches about the world and the people in it rather just how to be a cog in the money machine? Will the country and the world be a good place to live with friendly and kind people in it?

Or are the parents on their own, scratching for their bread, struggling to keep the child healthy, and fighting tooth and nail to keep from losing a job, being evicted, or going bankrupt?

Keeping women from having abortions is not the end of it. The care and feeding of the child must also be taken into account. Otherwise, it does no good to have the child be born only to die later on.

The outlawing of abortions doesn't prevent them and it certainly won't do anything to keep the child alive after it is born. Should the child die after birth from abandonment, neglect, illness, abuse, or privation, instead of saving a child, those who outlawed abortions will have killed it. By ignoring the conditions into which the child will be born, the blood of all dead children are on their hands.