Monday, November 20, 2006

Democratic Party: RIP

I do Zogby polls. The latest (11-19-06) is the hardest ping yet for Hillary Clinton running for prez.

While I do meet people who like her and think she's just the greatest, I meet others who despise her and will defect from the Democratic Party if she so much as breathes in the direction of the White House.

Hillary, the DLC, and hubby Bill have done enough to this country along with the sociopaths in congress and in residence at the WH that should she run, she will in fact split the Dems who will be looking to back a third party candidate. Unless the Dems put up someone genuinely interested in serving the public interest and the common good, the Dems can kiss their party goodbye for it will have become irrelevant in the lives of ordinary folks.

PS: The reason Hillary cannot and should not be trusted to serve the common good is because in Elizabeth Warren's book "The Two-Income Trap" is a description of how the former First Lady went from calling the Bankruptcy Bill "that awful bill" to supporting it after her election to the NY Senate. She managed to get out of voting on it because hubby Bill was quite conveniently scheduled for heart surgery that day and there were a sufficient number of Dem senators to pass it without needing her vote. It is one of the most onerous pieces of legislation against average workers. Tie that in with NAFTA and the outsourcing of jobs overseas and predatory lending and it becomes no wonder there is a huge squeeze on the middle class.