Friday, May 12, 2006

Where's the music?

Music is the language of the soul. The really good, the really great, songs reach right down into the core of existence and make the world truly beautiful. It doesn't matter what the song is about, whether love, life, loss, or even politics. It could be upbeat, downbeat, a ballad, or poem. All that matters is that it come from the soul.

There was an explosion of music in the 1960s. It well embodied the spirit of the times, not only the general trend of the country and downward spiral of the government, but also what was in the hearts of people. Despite Neil Young's recent album, Deja Vu stands out as THE album of political protest, the trevails of life, the beauty of love, and the search for meaning.

After Woodstock the powers-that-be all but killed music. Since they couldn't stamp it out altogether they did their best to keep it from ever having the kind of power it had in the '60s. Despite that, it rallied in the mid-'80s with a strong beat and techno sound. It waned again with a brief rally in the early '90s with a few gems here and there. But after the Rodney King verdict riots in '92 the powers-that-be have tightened their grip even more so that now very little music has any real life in it. Most of what I get in rural MN is warmed over material from the past made safe because of its age.

I know there is great music being made now. It just never reaches my ears except for the occasional TV commercial here and there.

Without music that touches the soul, the spirit of the people will die. This is the great hope of the powers-that-be so that they may live with impunity as parasites on the backs of the people sucking out all that makes life good and sweet. If there has ever been a time when we need real music it is now. There have been far too many words and too few of the truly melodious notes that emanate from deep within and touch the souls of all who hear it. Where did that creativity of the '60s go? How will it ever be heard being chained as it is to the almighty dollar? Who will unleash it this time?