Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have been going through a transformation of late. It began with a conversation back in March and has culminated in a deep interest in Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

I once asked what it means to be truly alive. Something Roger said during a documentary about the making of Dark Side I watched on YouTube recently was that I had asked the wrong question. What I needed to ask is what it means to truly live.

The story of Pink Floyd, and particularly of both Roger and David, is that they took the reins of their destiny firmly in their own hands and with their passion and determination got where they wanted to go. In another interview David said that that kind of ambition asks all of your energy. Elsewhere he mentioned that most people haven't found their medium for creative expression. He doesn't necessarily mean artistic expression but it DOES require putting yourself out there in front of others one way or another because the definition of success is to achieve the accolade of others. I'm coming late into the program but I'm finally catching on. I'm not an artist. I am a philosopher, social critic, and political activist. What I am becoming is unapologetic for what I know is right. More importantly, I have found a fellow collaborator for a project that I think has real potential to help people. At least I was already moving in the right direction. These things with Pink Floyd are the final nudge.

Anyway, there is much about David Gilmour that deserves admiration. His emotional sensitivity and palpable humanity shines out of him like brilliant sunlight. A few songs on his first solo album resembles my own emotional timbre in the inner core of my own being. But we'll not get into my theories about how people relate to each other in the language of sound and light waves. Let's just say that polarity, frequency, and phase are factors in finding the kind of person you can truly bond with at the soul-to-soul level. To feel a love like that....there just isn't anything else like it. I felt that with someone back in March, but the circumstances aren't favorable to even being friends. So, I pretty much feel like the first photo below. The second photo is from a YouTube video doing one of the songs that reflects my loneliness in the absence of the one I found. The last photo is just to show his youth and his vulnerability.