Monday, July 30, 2007

Going postal

There comes a time when the space between the rock and the hard place final just squishes together. There is no way out and nowhere to turn to relieve the pressure. There is no help to be found. Anywhere.

When that happens, one of two things occurs. Either one gives up entirely or they explode. The giving up is when the energy expended keeping that space open is finally exhausted and the last spark of spirit is snuffed out. If one is not suicidal then one enters despair and becomes utterly depressed and incapable of handling anything much beyond breathing.

The other thing that can happen is the nuclear reaction. The one where all of one's remaining energy is compressed into a critical mass of anger that is turned on those who are seen as the reason for one's suffering.

I know these are all generalities, but these are the essential features of the pervasive pathology of American society today. The canaries in our society are dropping like flies. And no one seems to care. What they don't realize is that when the canaries start dropping it won't be long before everyone else does too.

What drives me nuts about when a "going postal" event occurs is that people always ask if anyone could "read the signs." And there are often signs. But some reason, and for peoplel like me who can see it coming inside myself, there is nothing anyone can do. Even if you tell people they just pat your head and say "I'm sorry." It isn't until the end of the rope is reach and you can't hold on anymore and something happens that is considered a crime that the whole weight of the state machinery grinds into motion. But that motion is not about addressing your inability to cope, but rather the crime you committed because of the inability to cope. And so, even tho you told people you needed help, there was nothing they could do. And thus, abandoning a elderly parent in your care is a crime of elder abuse even tho the first abuse was of the care-giver with no room between the rock and hard place. And then you go squish whereupon the state then steam rolls you in addition to already being a crushed grape. Feh.