Thursday, June 21, 2007

Checking in

There's a lull going right now and yet there is movement far out at sea, so to speak. The news and blogs are pretty much in a holding pattern continuing to regurgitate each instance of the evils of empire waiting for something new to blare about.

Myself, I'm in a holding pattern too, but for a different reason. I am concentrating on my garden and trying to collect the energies of my life into sufficient coherence to put it to some useful purpose for my and my family's future survival.

The reason for going into hunker-down mode is the build up to nuking Iran. Most people, even some fairly smart folks, will poo-poo any notion of nukes getting brought out of moth-ball, dusted off, and actually getting used. Small tactical or bunker buster types, the kind that don't create huge mushrooms to set off alarms, but radioactive all the same. Once that news hits the other powers-that-be, I think there will be some very nasty times ahead for America. I have no clue what the fallout (pun intended) will be, only that it will be bad for America. I'm hoping I live far enough away from anything important so that the ground here won't get tainted (much) so I can keep growing a garden and stay reasonably fed.

As for the rest, especially on the political activism front, the folks around here are too much Peyton Place types for me to care much about them if they can't be bothered to participate in a real democracy. No one has any ideas except to harp and whine and have a bitch fest about Bush. But God forbid they should do anything local. They just won't talk about who should run for city or county office and have a tendency to run screaming from the room whenever I bring it up. Feh. No wonder the system is broken. The locals are AWOL.

That's all for now.