Thursday, April 14, 2005

The big question

The biggest question I have is how to move debate from single issues to a general direction?

For example, the wingnuts have this "culture of life" crap to address the abortion "issue." But it is obvious that they have anything but a real reverence for life given the atrocities being committed in the illegal war in Iraq, the Bankruptcy Bill, privatizing social security, exporting livelihoods (jobs), preventing universal healthcare, and generally pissing off other countries. The moral outrage on their behavior is astronomical.

So, how can we turn this around and make what they are doing a serious moral failure of leadership?

More importantly, how can we get other groups to start working on the same wavelength, whatever wavelength we can get agreement on?

Hm. Perhaps, this is the one area that the Democrats have truly gone out to lunch on: a sheer lack of unity.

So, strategically, what we need to do is to begin developing unity among the various progressive groups so that we're working on the same wavelength instead of everyone doing their own thing with the result that the whole thing twitches in some apoplectic seizure that everyone ignores.

Thoughts on how to get unity?