Thursday, March 24, 2005

Strategic Planning

(I posted this over at DemSpeak. I might even post this at Daily Kos.)

I was going to write something about strategic planning. But I was also watching Jon Stewart tonight and his guest was from Wu-Tang Clan.

I had only heard the name in passing before, but in hearing RZA talk on Jon Stewart I decided to look them up. They are incredibly impressive as a group. I have no idea about their music tho. (I listened. It's rap and I can't understand any of it, never have, but no matter.)

I know I'm a pain for most of you here. So, I offer this challenge. Read all 4 short pages at the link above (you need to click the little arrows on the page to advance). Whether you like rap, hiphop, R&B doesn't matter. What matters is the nature (the how and why) of their success. Then, try to understand the kind of strategy that will strike a nerve in this country to get it off the homicidal/suicidal path it is currently on and bring some sanity back to this country.

I am assuming few, if any, of you know anything about martial arts let alone Eastern philosophy. I don't practice the art but I do understand the philosophy, especially that of Bruce Lee.

In order for this endeavor, DemSpeak and others, to be truly successful, it will need to develop the killing stroke. Without that, it is only childish word play. I don't mean that as an insult. I mean it as to the seriousness of the kind of work that truly needs to be done. This is life and death. Without that kind of clarity, there will never be the laser beam focus needed to find the right weakness and deliver the killing stroke to bring the whole nut house down.

In deepest sincerity,