Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fighting back

Happen to catch this blog entry at Moon of Alabama:
FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

Recruit, educate, train, mobilize to fight - interesting language ...


This tactic has worked in my country some 70 years ago. Currently nobody would try them in any systematic way. But such methods do spread, especially when they are successful. Blair has already copied much of this modus operandi.

So here are the questions:

* How does one counter this method?
* How does one counter militant groups like FreedomWorks?

I really do not know. Please give me some ideas.

To which I replied:

I once watched a Young America's Foundation (YAF) panel discussion on C-SPAN. One of the speakers said, "never meet a good idea you aren't willing to steal."

b, you said it yourself what to do:

Recruit, educate, train, mobilize to fight

There is nothing that says that the sane & humane people of the country (the people's party) can't use their methods for populist purposes.

What is that purpose? Well, for openers, it would be to counter their demagoguery by consistently drawing the curtain back and pointing out the man behind the curtain. Meaning, pointing out their lies, how they are lies, and why they are lying. Also, point out the speakers' connections to the right wing machine; and most importantly, the way they are being whipped up to ignore the legislation that would really hurt average working people such as the bankruptcy bill and what that would mean for them should they ever get sick or hurt.

This is how I think we can begin to fight back.

Adding to my reply, the whole organizational structure must become the model we want in the world: open, democratic, consensus driven, and yet focused on a purpose and governed by a set principles that do not shift with the vicissitudes of popular opinion.

The examples I draw upon are Gandhi and MLK Jr. What drove them and guided their actions were universals we all feel in the face of political and legal tyranny and oppression, injustice, and moral cruelty. This is not about getting rid of norms, mores, and taboos in society. This about protecting people's rights as human beings against torture, imprisonment without due process, illegal search and seizure, indentured servitude, economic slavery, etc.

What the Army of Light would do is to restore proper morality in terms of fairness, honesty, humaneness, and moral justice. It would be about living by the Golden Rule and enforcing it in the workplace, in business, in government policy, and in all our human relations.

Ok, it's a paradigm shift. You ready for it?