Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What is wrong with America?

America, like the Assyrian, Greek, and Roman civilizations before it, is a failed experiment in the grand scheme of things. For those who study ancient history and cultural anthropology, it is clear, at least to me, that America is headed right off the cliff into catastrophic failure.

The indications of this collapse go all the way back to the initial conditions of what brought forth America in the first place. Since America is an extension of European and Western thought, there are certain doctrines and ideas that permeate American culture which have been whipped up into the worst kind of ideology.

The most prominent doctrines are:
• Absolute individualism morphed into a doctrine of narcissistic and infantile indulgence
• An atomistic view that fails to see the deep interconnections between all phenomena
• A dualistic view of the universe creating a battle between matter and spirit

Later came the notion that competition is the rule in nature and hence, is the rule in human relations. These combine to create the economic doctrine of Social Darwinism--that poverty is a genetic disorder not a spiritual disorder.

Out of the Enlightenment period of Europe also comes the machine model of life that removes the awe and mystery of a universe capable of bringing forth life within it.

All these factors have combined to create the most disintegrated society, the most dysfunctional human being, and the worst ignorance the human mind is capable of.

Too bad we don't a 5150 hold on psychotic tyrants and governments. The 5150 hold is a California law that enables law enforcement to take into custody psychotic individuals who pose an immenent danger to themselves or others. For what else could we call the current American and British government's hellbent homicidal/suicidal military and greedy economic misadventurism but psychotic?