Friday, November 30, 2007

Squeezing blood from stones

There is something profoundly wrong with a system that inherently bases the offering of goods and services solely on the basis of ability to pay.

This sets up a stratification of society that has nothing to do with fairness or promoting the general welfare of the people or serving the common good of all.

What it does is base one's self-worth on a system that has nothing to do with real value let alone the value of life. It erodes one's inherent worth as a living being and sets people up to be envious and covetous.

It would be a far different thing if people only paid their bills based on their income rather than being subject to whatever rate is asked. But the power of the people to command better wages or greater fairness is virtually non-existent.

This kind of dissonance is inherently unstable and is leading to catastrophic failure of the system, of which the economic meltdown is just beginning. More importantly, it sets people up for mental instability, emotional lability, and outright pathology. The system is crashing. One cannot squeeze blood from stones. The good in this, however, is that once the system crashes people will once again be able to self-organize and return to moral balance and social harmony. But it will be hard won and may take a fair amount of time. Be ready.