Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Capitalism: The Heart of Darkness

Information Clearing House has this article by Mike Whitney talking about Bush's visit to Latin America.

In the article is this quote by Chavez as he shadows Bush's tour:
“Those who want to go directly to hell can follow capitalism,” Chavez boomed to a standing-only crowd in Argentina’s soccer stadium.

As an economic system American-style robber-baron capitalism is meeting its end. It is the most duplicitous, deceitful, and double-crossing system ever. The utter blackness of its heart for anything but its own gain is exactly the path to hell, particularly the kind Marley occupies in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and the one that awaits Scrooge should his heart fail to be moved by what the Spirits of Christmas show him.

The story of "A Christmas Carol" was first published 161 years ago in 1846. Despite its age it remains an ever-present and universal story of the evils that lurk in the darkest regions of capitalism which exploits others in an ever rapacious appetite of greater and greater greed. As Dickens so eloquently illustrates in his story, the evils of capitalism can drain the humanity out of a person. It can turn them into a wraith that feeds on the enslavement and misery of others causing untold suffering for the great mass of human beings. The exhortation against greed is in every religious and spiritual teaching in the world.

Whenever I see "capitalism" I now automatically equate it with the selfishness and heartlessness of Scrooge. And though the story of Scrooge is about the redemption of one man's humanity, I'm not holding my breath for the redemption of those running this country or their proxies in the U.S. Government.

Bush and rest of the American imperialists can blah, blah, blah all they want about "democracy" and "freedom" but no one with an iota of sanity or humanity is being fooled anymore. There is no question that whenever Bush or any Bush mouthpiece opens their yap they show themselves to be deluded. They do not live in the real world, they spew lies, and it is they who are guilty of what they accuse others of doing.