Saturday, November 06, 2004

Wedge Issues

The problem with wedge issues is that the media clogs the airwaves with them so that they are in-your-face all the time. This diverts attention from more important issues but because the wedge issue is being pushed so hard it's like a fly in your face that won't leave unless you hunt it down and kill it. Bzzz bzzzz bzzz bzzz. Swat!

Now where was I? Oh yeah. So, how can we get media attention on the IMPORTANT, meaning life-threatening, issues? AND get them to check facts and challenge claims?

Let's take an example of a not so life-threatening, but very important, issue: the privatizing of social security. If the individual is not putting this money into an IRA, you can kiss that money goodbye like the Enron employees with 401(k)s.

What needs to happen with this is to turn this issue into a wedge issue by using the same frames as the RWM (right wing machine). I haven't quite got this part framed yet, but I'm working on it. In meatime, discussing this issues will help flesh it out and provide material to work into an issue worth of real air time and de-cloaking the shenanigans of the RWM.