Friday, November 12, 2004

Did anyone watch Alan Reynolds from Cato Institute on c-span's Washington Journal this morning? This guy is really evil. I'd like to know when it became ok to gamble with our children's future by making them put their money in the stockmarket instead of something more secure? I'd like to know when someone decided that EVERYONE should be a "businessman" or "investor"? He gets my Scrooge award for being heartless. But ya know, he's actually worse than Scrooge cuz at least Scrooge didn't use the power of government to systematically deceive and povertize the people so that wolves like him can get rich. What I hate most, is his attitude that denies the inherent worth of human life and actively destroys any notion that anyone has any obligation to anyone else.

In the military you are taught to look out for each other, that someone's got your back and you have their's. To me, ANYTHING that works to destroy that in society is the greatest evil in the world. These people should be hunted down and skinned alive.

They are NOT human beings. They are hell-spawn on two legs. Anyone else get that feeling?