Friday, January 20, 2006

Psst. Down here.

There is so much going on in the world today it's hard to get a grip on it. I've watched it for a long time. It continues to fragment and splinter as it's being watched. The current state of affairs is a massive heap of threads--the result of the shredding of the social fabric. Health care, education, jobs, and the cost of living are so many disconnected dots now.

Ultimately however, it has a single root. And it is this root that is so basic, so fundamental, that it is largely unconscious when addressing the myriad problems we have today. The root is whether we care about people first or not.

It is this root that determines everything because it determines the way we treat each other whether in daily life or in the laws created in the halls of congress. From what I have seen people don't matter. They are mere objects to be squeezed for ever more money. Beyond that they are worthless. And so we have a society that is utterly dysfunctional and abusive and then we wonder why parents don't have the time or energy to be parents, kids are a mess, schools are warehouses of bedlam, the war on drugs is pure folly, etc, etc.

Well, I've had it and it is time to start putting people back into the political process.