Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cynicsim & Hopelessness

Dear All,

I have found in the last few days that cynicism and hopelessness are at all time highs in my area. It seems to be a feeling all around the country but this is the first time I've had to confront it head on. A Great Wall has been built in people's minds and hearts and now they suffer from deep isolation and loneliness. My heart aches for them, and, for all of us searching for answers as if looking for water in a desert.

I have determined that there are two things that need to be established first. One is hope. The other is trust. Hope is the water of life and gives people strength. Trust is the soil, the seedbed, of human relations and is the antidote to fear and stops the hemorrhaging of what life is left in people. Together, these two, the water of hope and the soil of trust, can bring forth new growth in the garden of America.

I have only just begun my campaign in my county. It is largely non-partisan since everyone is suffering regardless of label but I begin it with those listed as precinct captains and CU Directors. I will be setting up one-on-one meetings to talk with them directly. My goal is simply to gain their commitment to have hope that we CAN make a difference and to recruit others to meet with me on an on-going basis within their own community. This will take time, patience, persistence, and a lot of driving. The goal is to have next year's caucuses and county convention filled to the brim with people ready, willing, and able to make democracy work in Watonwan County and do its part to elect better people and begin cultivating a new ethic in governance.

My own mayor seemed both surprised and delighted to hear that my personal bottom line is life and death and one step above that is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. He wants to hope but can't muster it. My heart breaks for him and for the lack of support he has gotten from the people in this town. I seem to be the only one truly in his corner.

Community is dead and my duty is to bring it back to life. All our lives depend on this as we look down the throat of the coming energy crisis, financial collapse, and H5N1 flu virus. I know what we are facing. This goes far beyond politics and messaging. This is truly life and death and what we do will determine how many will live and how many will die with the Cities being the worst hit. Knowing this reality, we MUST re-establish hope in the future and trust in each other as we work to bring new growth into the DFL (MN Democrats) and to revitalize the best of America. To this, I dedicate my life.