Thursday, December 30, 2004

No Honor Among Thieves

"George Bush has purged the last of his father's senior advisers, handing over control to his neocon allies"

In the article A state of chaos published Dec. 30,2004 in The Guardian, Blumental writes:
To begin with, Bush has unceremoniously and without public acknowledgement dumped Brent Scowcroft, his father's closest associate and friend, as chairman of the foreign intelligence advisory board. The elder Bush's national security adviser was the last remnant of traditional Republican realism permitted to exist within the administration.
In reading this I got the impression of a younger male defeating and wresting control from an elder in a takeover. As Blumenthal writes: "The transition to President Bush's second term, filled with backstage betrayals, plots and pathologies, would make for an excellent chapter of I, Claudius."

This is isn't about politics and governance. It is about a dysfunctional family. It is my impression that George Jr. could never measure up in his father's eyes and was deemed a failure. The denial of unconditional love and attention all children should have from their parents robs them of their humanity and inherent worth. This tends to twist them, turning some into grotesque caricatures of a human being. This is not to say that all who experience bad parenting turn out badly, but in this case, the ramifications are global in scope.

The death and destruction wrought by George Jr. are inexcusable--no amount of anger at one's parents or family or even at the universe itself can excuse this. The only mercy I can find would be for him to feel and truly understand the horrendous harm he has done and the immeasurable grief he has brought to so many. Without the opening of his own empathy there can be no repairing of the damage done to him.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of any change of heart is infinitesimal. With this in mind, the danger he poses goes beyond ordinary tyrannical depravity, which is bad enough. It extends even to the very elites of which he is a member.

In the reposts of other people's work on this blog, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberger's were referenced along with the names of some of its members. It is my feeling that George Jr., in order to utterly defeat or even punish his father, might consider a putsch to gain control of that nucleus of power in an Al Pacino maneuver, thus making George Jr. the Godfather of the world. This would be the ultimate betrayal: the betrayers of humanity becoming the betrayed by one of their own. I hope their reaction would be as rich as Gordon Gekko's in "Wall Street" except that their's would be upon the realization that their lives are as worthless to George Jr. as the rest of humanity is to them and that they are treated in the same manner as they have treated us.

What began as simply a person who needed to know he was loved by his parents unconditionally, parents who understood the value of life, including his, and ours, has turned into a monumental foray into the abyss of evil and debasement. Unfortunately, the damage done is now beyond anyone's power to help. Perhaps this happened in Germany as well, which led it down the path to hell on earth, but I cannot say for sure. What I do know is that unless and until human beings start looking for, cultivating, and guarding our inborn and mutual humanity, there is no point for humans to exist at all. There is no honor among thieves, there is no wisdom in ignorance, and there will be no humans left on this planet if there is no empathy in our hearts.