Thursday, November 11, 2004

America at risk

Our house is a blazing conflagration but you wouldn't know it. On the surface everything looks like business as usual. Another 4 years of Bush and then he'll be gone. We can live with that and just deal with the mess after.

However, little whispers are traveling around and little bits of this and that are painting a far different picture.

Angry Bear (can't find the entry) wrote a while back that he heard someone talking about passing legislation to cut the Democrats off at the knees particularly in terms of 527s.

Then yesterday on C-SPAN's Washington Journal I heard someone talking about 527s and complaining about the kind of power they are giving the Democrats, and, that the "lack" of financial disclosure is a "serious" problem. Doesn't matter that the Republicans have a lot more money, 527s, and tons of think tanks that are conveniently ignored.

Next, let's not forget history lest we repeat it. The Nazis co-opted the the nationalist-socialist party then proceeded to have their way with it. The Republican party looks to be going the same way. The "moral values" issue and targeting gays smacks a bit too much of the Nazi tactic of singling out the Jews for vilification. First stop, gay marriage ban. Next stop, Kristalnacht.

I don't know about you, but I'm with Carole Simpson when she says she's more scared for our country now than she was in 1968. The parallels are starting to get too coincidental.

The Democrats have proven themselves useless against the Republikan juggernaut. This tells me we, the people, are on our own. Either we organize and take this on, or learn to be happy living in a fascist state, cuz we're already there.