Friday, June 05, 2015

The line

Do you know where the line is? The line that should never be crossed? Do you know what the line is? The killing must stop.

We must wage peace. The question, however, is what to do about the rabid-minded. 

[The most absolute line is life and death. Crossing that line is the willful killing of another, or the willful depraved indifference to life where actions and decisions results in a death or serious bodily or mental harm. A civilized society should never tolerate these. We should never allow anyone to commit deliberate harm to anyone for any reason, least of all, for money.]

Another line that should not be crossed is losing our connection to the natural world. We must return to the land and live with the land for it is the basis of life. 

We must stop thinking in terms of money and basing all of life upon it. Money is not life. 

We must look at other cultures and see the paradigms they live by. Then, choose which elements we most wish to live by.