Monday, February 08, 2010

Journeys of the Mind

I just checked and was shocked to discover that my next to last entry was dated back in July of last year. The shock factor is because that was when my time with facebook became extremely active in Yoville and I began meeting people. I had begun play Yoville in early June but it was July when I began to have a real social life within the global village of Yoville.

In itself, Yoville is a microcosm of real life. I call it life on steroids in a petrie dish. Everything you can think of in real life happens in Yoville. Sex, love, friendship, arguments, cussing, making up, threats, drama, losing friends, jealousy, obsession, stalking, and genuine caring. Maybe not car accidents but the people you meet DO have real lives and THEY have things happen to them or their friends or family.

At one time I practically lived inside Yoville giving my time and energy to people who are starved for attention, acceptance, and compassion. Unfortunately, I lost the friendship of a few people who mattered to me, one in particular and it still hurts. I hope someday he'll unblock and we can talk once again. But until then I hope he is well and coping with what he faces in his personal life.

One of the things being in the Ville did for me was to help me become more like the person I always wanted to be in real life. Real life is notorious for not letting you be who you are. But in the Ville, it's much easier because everyone is truly equal. Everyone begins exactly the same and has all the same stuff available to them. The differences are in the way we conduct ourselves, express ourselves, and use what is available to us in terms of income and purchases. The rest is just what we put out there of ourselves.

Well, that's it for tonight. Will continue this later. ^_^