Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is love?

There are many different kinds of love.
Love for family, children, friends.
For ideas, ideals, good work, and even doves.
Then there is the kind when the other becomes part of your soul,
and to be apart is to no longer be whole.

Real love is when the other person can touch your heart and it is soft and gentle. They fill the missing part and make it whole. And both your souls open to let the other in so that you become a single being. To be apart is to feel like only half a person. And when you are together you bring out the best in each other. No matter what, you are always "with" each other, never against. And when you get mad it is never mean or hurtful. You feel each others' feelings and you listen with your heart. Most of all, their happiness is as important as your own and so you always help each other to make life good for both.