Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Rabbit Hole goes even deeper

I'm going to get this down while the muse upon me. Russia (USSR) was never the boogey man America made it out to be after Stalin died. In fact, what Russia wanted was to be part of the Western Colonial Power club, but that never happened. So, they went a different way in the wake of Tsarist excesses, had their Bolshevik Revolution, and established the primacy of the worker. Unfortunately, Stalin was a real nutcase, not unlike our own mild version in George W. Bush. But after Stalin died and Khruschev took power, he reversed Stalin's policies, outlawed torture, release the political dissidents, purged the "Cult of Personality" from the Soviet Union, and restored the morality of human decency.

As a result of this many efforts were made to have normal relations with United States and to stand down from military and nuclear hostility, but to no avail, even with Eleanor Roosevelt. My respect for her has just evaporated.

I personally never believed what was said of the Soviet Union. And, according to a fellow lover of history, the Soviet Union after Stalin never had designs to take over the world, but rather, to stand in the way of Western/American colonialsim. Whoever wished to thumb their nose at Western/American colonialism were armed to the teeth to keep from being ruled by the West. Cuba, Vietnam, China, Central America to name but a few in which Western/American profit-seeking were thwarted.

I find this a fascinating perspective worth some serious study.